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True Knowledge
Week 1 Self-Definition
Week 2 Courage
Week 3 Truth Value
Week 4 Questioning Freedom
Week 5 Questioning Knowledge
Week 6 Thinking About Thinking
Week 7 Perception Bias
Week 8 True Judgment
Week 9 Independent Ideas
Week 10 True Reality
True Self
Week 11 Know Your Self
Week 12 Ethical Individualism
Week 13 Obey Your Self
Week 14 Purpose
Week 15 Imaginative Goals
Week 16 Joy Of Achievement
Week 17 Dignify Individuality

We bring together those who are concerned about the continuing decline of individual responsibility and rise of authoritarianism to empower individuals through courses and training based on Rudolf Steiner's science of freedom (The Philosophy Of Freedom) so that we can "lighten the prevailing darkness of our time."

Message To Each Individual
"If you take the path indicated here, you will attain what you seek to achieve by your imperfect means, and much else besides (and I am convinced that, if one is imbued with The Philosophy of Freedom, one dares to say that) — then light would dawn."

Message To Humanity
"Humanity must realize how the world would be transformed if the meaning of freedom were understood, freedom not in the sense of license, but freedom born of a free spirit and a firmly disciplined mind. If people understood what freedom and its establishment would signify for the world, then the light which many seek today would lighten the prevailing darkness of our time."

"The perfection of the whole depends on the unique perfection of each single individual."

Why Community?
Community is a way to build new practices or change habits.
Community is a way to pursue and achieve results and transformation.
Community is a way to move through the preparatory stages to becoming a free spirit.

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